2017 News


Mr Pedro Serrano, Deputy Secretary-General for Common Security and Defence Policy and Crisis Response at EEAS, visited EULEX Mission Headquarters, where he met Head of Mission, Alexandra Papadopoulou and senior management

20 December 2017

Social media – a tool for collecting evidence and fighting crime

12 December 2017

Saving Lives Through Voluntary Blood Donations

07 December 2017

AMOK situation - Police response in life threatening situations

01 December 2017

Modern Day Community Policing – Social Media

29 November 2017

Fighting Virtual Crime

24 November 2017

Rule of Law and Why it Matters

22 November 2017

Legally Correct

20 November 2017

Visit to Basic Prosecution of Mitrovica

17 November 2017

The Youth Union of the CDU visits EULEX

10 November 2017

EU Gender Policy - Operational Guidance

07 November 2017

EULEX donates vehicles to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

01 November 2017

Kosovo’s EU future and EU enlargement perspective of the Western Balkans

27 October 2017

Trainees from the Wiesbaden Court visit EULEX

17 October 2017

Finland’s Foreign Affairs Minister visits EULEX

12 October 2017

EULEX DHOM welcomes incoming DCOMKFOR

04 October 2017

EULEX welcomes European Studies students to the Mission

28 September 2017

EULEX Head of Mission Meets Deputy Prime Minister

26 September 2017

The Head of EULEX meets the new Minister of Foreign Affairs

25 September 2017

Two Day Seminar in support for the development of the Trilateral Police Cooperation Centre in Montenegro

22 September 2017

EULEX Head of Mission Meets New Minister of Internal Affairs

21 September 2017

EULEX HoM meets Slovenian Ambassador

19 September 2017

DHoM Meets with NATO Headquarters officials from SHAPE

19 September 2017

EULEX donates to Kosovo Institutions

19 September 2017

Sustainable and Fair Legal Representation – D4J ‘Lessons Learned’

18 September 2017

Educational-Correctional Centre for Juveniles Opens in Lipjan

15 September 2017

Delegation of Danish Police visits EULEX

15 September 2017

Addressing the Stigma of Sexual Violence Survivors – Swift Action is Needed, Papadopoulou Says

14 September 2017

Reinforcing EULEX Partnership with Kosovo Rule of Law Institutions

13 September 2017

EULEX Ready to Support Rule of Law in Kosovo – Papadopoulou says to new Prime Minister

12 September 2017

Students from Germany Visit EULEX

08 September 2017

Gender Equality is a Fundamental Right

08 September 2017

EULEX donates to Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo

07 September 2017

Kosovo Border Police & Customs Hosts Meeting to Strengthen Border Security

07 September 2017

EULEX DHOM briefs academics about EULEX and Kosovo

06 September 2017

The Search for the Missing - Fatime’s Story

30 August 2017

Conference on Missing Persons – The Search Continues

23 August 2017

EULEX donates vehicles to Kosovo Ministries

21 August 2017

EULEX welcomes students from Miami University to the Mission Headquarters

26 July 2017

EULEX HoM’s lecture at the Kosovo International Summer Academy

21 July 2017

EULEX - KP Study visit in Europol

19 July 2017

EULEX donates containers to Crossing Point Končulj /Dheu i Bardhë

18 July 2017

EULEX hosts KFOR for Key Leader Training

12 July 2017

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill students visit EULEX

05 July 2017

EULEX Staff Donates to Action for Mothers and Children

30 June 2017

EULEX DHoM meets a delegation of the State Parliament of Bavaria

29 June 2017

Students from Netherlands visit EULEX

22 June 2017

Pristina Law Students Visit EULEX Headquarters

21 June 2017

Head of Mission Thanks EULEX Interns for Significant Contributions

14 June 2017

There’s No One-Secret-Fits-All – EULEX Prosecutor Inspires University Students

13 June 2017

Czech Parliamentary Delegation visits EULEX

06 June 2017

Cycle Kosovo for Children 2017

05 June 2017

Enhancing the Capacity of Kosovo Prosecutors to Deal with Corruption

05 June 2017

EULEX HoM Alexandra Papadopoulou meets Pristina Law Faculty Students

25 May 2017

EULEX supports sustainable civil registry in Kosovo

25 May 2017

EULEX HoM to Law Students – Use Education to Empower Your Future and Strengthen Kosovo Rule of Law Institutions

24 May 2017

Reintegrating inmates – a EULEX project supporting Kosovo Correctional Service

22 May 2017

US State Department Team visit to EULEX - Identifying Effective Rule of Law Assistance

22 May 2017

EULEX DHoM gives lecture on Germany’s European experience at UBT

16 May 2017

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board meeting discussed key rule of law issues in Kosovo

12 May 2017

EULEX Marks EU Day

10 May 2017

EEAS Principal Advisor on Gender Mara Marinaki visits Women in Kosovo

04 May 2017

Justice Transparency Forum hosts session on Specialist Chambers with Kosovo media and civil society

28 April 2017

Head of Mission speaks at the seminar organised by the Finish Embassy

26 April 2017

Bring Your Loved Ones To Work Day

24 April 2017

EULEX Hosts Seminar to Combat the Firearms Trafficking

20 April 2017

MA Students from Linköping University, Sweden Visit EULEX

19 April 2017

Study Visit to the UK for Kosovo Border Management Agencies

31 March 2017

Justice for War Crimes - Enhanced Judicial Cooperation is Needed

28 March 2017

EULEX Critical to Securing the Future of SEED

27 March 2017

Head of Legal Office and Human Rights lectures at the University of Graz

27 March 2017

Rule of Law is Essential for a Positive Investment Climate

22 March 2017

Students from Belgrade Visit EULEX – We Want A Better Future

16 March 2017

EULEX HoM Meets with Harvard Law School Human Rights Program

14 March 2017

Leaving No One Behind

08 March 2017

Students visit EULEX Police HQ and the Palace of Justice

08 March 2017

EULEX HoM meets a British Government Delegation

06 March 2017

HoM Meeting with Prof. Dr. Jan De Groof

03 March 2017

EULEX Head of Mission Visited North Kosovo

01 March 2017

EULEX HoM Meets with IHEDN Visiting Delegation

27 February 2017

PPIO lectures on Crisis Management

23 February 2017

Université de Strasbourg Master Students Visit EULEX

22 February 2017

EULEX HoM to Parliamentarians: If Challenges are Common, Solutions Must be Equally Joint

20 February 2017

EULEX Held a Three Day Negotiation Skills Seminar for Kosovo Correctional Service

17 February 2017

EULEX HoM meets a delegation of the British Group Inter-Parliamentary

17 February 2017

EULEX HoM meets Estonian Ambassador

16 February 2017

Ms Alexandra Papadopoulou speech at the Conference on safety of journalists organized by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo

14 February 2017

EULEX HoM Meets CoE Commissioner for Human Rights

07 February 2017

EULEX HoM meets the Chairwoman of the Committee for European Integration

06 February 2017

EULEX Prosecutor Lectures at the D4J Live Legal Clinic

02 February 2017

Annual Conference of Kosovo Prosecutors

30 January 2017

EULEX Head of Mission continues her regular visits throughout Kosovo

25 January 2017

MA Students Visit Palace of Justice

20 January 2017

MA Students Visit EULEX

19 January 2017

EULEX Staff Donates to Kosovo Red Cross

17 January 2017