2019 News


Kosovo Police completed a study visit to the Italian Carabinieri Command for the Protection of the Environment Headquarters

27 December 2019

EULEX Case Monitoring Unit interview for KTV

23 December 2019

EULEX-organized preparatory meeting for Kosovo Prosecutors and Mediators

17 December 2019

EULEX concludes the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign

11 December 2019

EULEX representative speaks at the Annual Assembly of the Association of Women in Kosovo Correctional Service

11 December 2019

EULEX presents its Kosovo Correctional Service – related work and case monitoring report findings to EU Member States’ representatives

06 December 2019

Message by the Acting Head of EULEX on Kosovo Correctional Service’s 20th anniversary

05 December 2019

New Head of EULEX appointed

29 November 2019

EULEX co-hosted workshop on Countering Environmental Crime

29 November 2019

Speak Up on Time – EULEX marks 16 days of activism against gender-based violence

25 November 2019

Embrace me Kosovo - Karin Brongers photo exhibition at the Europe House

21 November 2019

EULEX marks the 30th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

20 November 2019

Italian contingent in EULEX commemorates the victims of the 1999 plane crash in Kosovo

12 November 2019

EULEX and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs co-organised a study visit to the UK to support the Kosovo Border Management

08 November 2019

EULEX Medical Unit staff member delivers medical security course for security officers in Tbilisi, Georgia

06 November 2019

EULEX organizes study visit to Finland and training course for a Kosovo Correctional Service team

04 November 2019

EULEX representative participates at debate on missing persons

31 October 2019

EULEX attends Gender Focal Points Annual Meeting in Brussels

31 October 2019

Outgoing Acting Head of EULEX holds series of farewell meetings

30 October 2019

Acting Head of Mission met with outgoing President of the Assembly of Kosovo

17 October 2019

Outgoing EULEX Acting Head held farewell meeting with President Hashim Thaçi

16 October 2019

EULEX supports Pride Parade 'Whomever Your Heart Beats For' in Pristina

10 October 2019

Civilian Operations Commander concludes visit to Kosovo

01 October 2019

EULEX co-organises training workshop for future trainers from the Kosovo Correctional Service

25 September 2019

“Speak up on Time” campaign school lectures begin

24 September 2019

Formed Police Unit medal ceremony

13 September 2019

Message by the Acting Head of EULEX on Kosovo Police’s 20th anniversary

06 September 2019

EULEX takes part in joint crowd-and-riot-control exercise with KP and KFOR

23 August 2019

EULEX donates vehicles and equipment to the the Leposavić/Leposaviq Fire Station

22 August 2019

EULEX donates equipment to the Kosovo Police Forensics Directorate

16 August 2019

EULEX AHoM’s lecture at the Kosovo International Summer Academy

15 August 2019

Acting Head of EULEX meets Minister of Justice to discuss continued joint work

13 August 2019

EULEX donates equipment and furniture to the Women’s Shelter in Novo Brdo/ Novobërdë

09 August 2019

EULEX’s case monitoring unit attended a two-day workshop organized by the Kosovo Judicial Council on the ‘functionalisation’ of the Special Department.

02 August 2019

EULEX organizes roundtable discussion on women’s empowerment with the Kosovo Correctional Service Women Association

02 August 2019

EULEX donation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

25 July 2019

Summer Kids Academy experience in EULEX

19 July 2019

Outgoing EULEX Head interview with KTV and Koha Ditore

16 July 2019

Outgoing EULEX Head held farewell meetings with Kosovo officials and political party leaders

15 July 2019

Farewell reception for outgoing EULEX Head Alexandra Papadopoulou

15 July 2019

YOUNG conference - Youth Perspectives on the Future of Kosovo

05 July 2019

EULEX conducts medical training courses for Kosovo Correctional Service staff

02 July 2019

Interview of the Head of EULEX, Alexandra Papadopoulou, with Austrian ORF

25 June 2019

EULEX Deputy Head of Mission visits second EU-funded CCP in Kosovo

20 June 2019

EULEX staff participates in the “Safe Blood For All” blood donation event

18 June 2019

EULEX participates in the 2019 ‘Cycle Kosovo for Children’ event

11 June 2019

Croatian delegation met with EULEX Head of Mission

22 May 2019

EULEX facilitates study visit to Swedish Corrections

15 May 2019

EULEX celebrates Europe Day in Pristina and Brussels

14 May 2019

Local staff reception

30 April 2019

EULEX Head at the third Justice 2020 Board meeting

19 April 2019

EULEX HoM addresses students on EU Teach-a-Day

18 April 2019

Medical Security in Action

09 April 2019

EULEX and Kosovo Police on a study visit in Vienna

05 April 2019

EULEX donates equipment to the Kosovo Judicial Council

29 March 2019

New National Strategy for Integrated Border Management (2019-2023)

25 March 2019

Head of Mission Alexandra Papadopoulou attended regular High-level Rule of Law Forum

22 March 2019

EULEX’s work on International Police Cooperation

19 March 2019

EULEX hosted event “Women empowerment and reintegration: support to victims of violence service provider, NGO Women’s Rights”

12 March 2019

EULEX organized a workshop on empowering female correctional officers

11 March 2019

EULEX Marks International Women’s Day – 08 March 2019

08 March 2019

Silent Heroes Who Save Lives – EULEX Blood Donation Campaign

15 February 2019

The Security and Gender Group vigorously condemns the alleged sexual abuse of a minor from the Drenas (Glogovac) Municipality and calls upon justice and law enforcement institutions to fully respect their legal and ethical obligations

12 February 2019

EULEX organized a prison security workshop for the Kosovo Correctional Service

07 February 2019

Head of EULEX Meets Minister of Internal Affairs

24 January 2019

EULEX Head take part in second Justice 2020 meeting

24 January 2019

EULEX Head participates at High-level Rule of Law Forum meeting

23 January 2019

EULEX concluded the handover process of case files to Kosovo authorities

14 January 2019