2021 News


EULEX Deputy Head met the KFOR Deputy Commander

22 December 2021

Justice Monitoring Report presented by EULEX

17 December 2021

EULEX and the Kosovo Law Institute organize training workshop of 20 lay monitors

15 December 2021

Meeting on EULEX’s small-scale projects

13 December 2021

Interview with the Ombudsperson of Kosovo, Naim Qelaj

10 December 2021

Interview with Kosovo’s Deputy Minister of Justice, Nita Shala

09 December 2021

EULEX supports the launch of FOL’s report “Electronic tags: focus on prevention of domestic violence cases”

07 December 2021

Report physical violence to the police! / A strong message by women who serve their sentence at the Lipjan/Lipljan Correctional Center

06 December 2021

“No bruises ≠ No violence. The signs of violence are not always visible” campaign launched

06 December 2021

EULEX-organized discussion on how Kosovo can set up specialized services for survivors of sexual violence

02 December 2021

Justice and security: The Civilian Operations Commander concludes visit to Kosovo

02 December 2021

No bruises ≠ No violence - A discussion on psychological abuse as an element of domestic violence

01 December 2021

“Claim your right to property!” campaign on the connection between property rights and domestic violence launched

29 November 2021

Joint Statement by the Head of the EU Office/EU Special Representative in Kosovo, Tomáš Szunyog and the Head of the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, EULEX, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark

25 November 2021

Association of Parents “Support Me” receives donation by EULEX

24 November 2021

EULEX supports local education institutions through donations

18 November 2021

Fighting Criminality Together: The Importance of International Police Cooperation

17 November 2021

International Police Cooperation in a Nutshell

17 November 2021

EULEX commemorates flight 3275 plane crash victims

15 November 2021

EULEX organised a study visit for Nærum Gymnasium students

12 November 2021

EULEX donates four vehicles to the Kosovo Judicial Council

10 November 2021

EULEX hands over donations to “Faik Konica” school, Police Inspectorate of Kosovo and the Emergency Management Agency

05 November 2021

German Police University on a study visit to the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo

05 November 2021

EULEX vs Prosecution: Using the power of football to raise awareness of the need for action on climate change

01 November 2021


23 October 2021

Managing prisoners with mental health issues and addiction problems – A EULEX-organized workshop for Kosovo Correctional Service staff

22 October 2021

EULEX marks the EU Anti-trafficking day – Open your eyes

18 October 2021

EULEX Deputy Head discusses the security situation in northern Kosovo and EULEX’s reconnaissance patrols with the Kosovo Police Director

15 October 2021

Donate blood, save a life – EULEX’s annual blood donation campaign

14 October 2021

EULEX representative participates in public hearing on the draft law on Prevention and Protection from Domestic Violence, Violence against Women and Gender Based Violence

13 October 2021

EULEX Formed Police Unit officers excel at “Swiss Shooting Challenge”

05 October 2021

Tweet on EULEX's monitoring of the implementation of the sticker regime

05 October 2021

EULEX Head, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, tweeted about the Mission's deployment in the north of Kosovo

04 October 2021

Missing persons’ remains repatriated

01 October 2021

Tweet by EULEX’s Head, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, on his meeting with President Osmani

29 September 2021

Statement by High Representative Josep Borrell on the situation in the north of Kosovo

27 September 2021

Eight years without Audrius

19 September 2021

EULEX Formed Police Unit donates blood at the North Mitrovica hospital

17 September 2021

EULEX hosts students from the European Master's Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation and the Vienna Master of Arts in Applied Human Rights

16 September 2021

EULEX Formed Police Unit to the rescue of a young drowning man

24 August 2021

“13 Years Later – A New EULEX” - EULEX Chief of Staff Matthias Zander gives a lecture at the Kosovo International Summer Academy

19 August 2021

EULEX welcomes the adoption of the Rule of Law Strategy 2021-2026 by the Government of Kosovo

16 August 2021

EULEX and KFOR conduct a joint crowd and riot control exercise

13 August 2021

“The victims are not alone; we are all together! Speak up on time!” –EULEX gender advisor’s interview with Radio K4

02 August 2021

EULEX’s Formed Police Unit celebrates the Polish Police Day

30 July 2021

“Truth means arguments. This is how we counter Simmons’s allegations: with legal arguments” – EULEX Spokesperson’s interview with ABC News Albania

22 July 2021

The Carabinieri General Commander meets EULEX staff

22 July 2021

EULEX Head, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, meets the Heads of the judiciary and prosecution in Mitrovica

21 July 2021

Further developing the skills of Kosovo Correctional Service’s female staff

15 July 2021

Fighting Currency Counterfeiting: EULEX facilitates meetings of EUROPOL experts with the Kosovo Police and the Kosovo Forensic Agency

15 July 2021

Our heart beats for love – EULEX shows support for LGBTIQ+ rights

01 July 2021

EULEX’s Formed Police Unit wins Scottish Highland Games competition

01 July 2021

EU Rule of Law Mission’s tangible support to Kosovo during the coronavirus pandemic

23 June 2021

Statement in response to allegations that EULEX handed over files to the Serbian prosecution authorities

22 June 2021

EULEX Head Lars-Gunnar Wigemark had an online discussion with Amsterdam University College students

18 June 2021

Volunteers from EULEX, UNMIK and “Let's do it Kosova” NGO mark the World Environment Day

07 June 2021

Youth Association of Foreign Affairs in Munich hosted an online discussion with the Head of the European Union Rule of Law Mission, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark

07 June 2021

EULEX supports Cycle Kosovo for Children 2021

06 June 2021

Members of EULEX’s Formed Police Unit help to rescue an injured person

31 May 2021

European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) Special Report on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Rule of Law in Kosovo Factsheet (findings and recommendations)

18 May 2021

Team of EULEX experts deploys to the Kizevak site

07 May 2021

EULEX Correctional Unit delivers a workshop for the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo

05 May 2021

“My message to all the families whose loved ones are missing is to come forward and give blood to help our quest to establish the fate of all missing persons” – Tarja Formisto for the Kanal 10 documentary titled “Tracing the missing persons”

29 April 2021

“We encourage the Kosovo authorities to seek ways to improve regional cooperation in the investigation of high profile war crimes cases” – EULEX Head of Human Rights and Legal Office speaks at the Humanitarian Law Centre Conference

27 April 2021

Kosovo Correctional Service outreach campaign presented during the “United toward essential post-penal reintegration” regional conference

07 April 2021

“Voices from Farnesina”: Daniele Pancheri speaks about the role of Italian experts in civilian CSDP Missions like EULEX

25 March 2021

EULEX rebuttal to incorrect media reports

24 March 2021

Tweet by EULEX Head on the Kosovo government election

23 March 2021

EULEX supports the Kosovo Correctional Service’s outreach campaign

19 March 2021

The EU Rule of Law Mission through the lens of Bruxelles 2

15 March 2021

EULEX chooses to challenge - International Women’s Day 2021

08 March 2021

Forum for Leadership and Diplomacy group visits EULEX

02 March 2021

EULEX’s Deputy Head of Mission hosts the new Commander of the Italian Carabinieri Multinational Specialized Unit

25 February 2021

EULEX Correctional Unit organizes workshop for correctional staff on how to manage prisoners with mental health issues

24 February 2021

EULEX Chief of Head of Mission's Office in an online talk on CSDP field engagement in Kosovo

22 February 2021

Recognition from partners – EULEX’s Alan Wilson awarded for his outstanding contribution to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Kosovo Customs

19 February 2021

Stronger together against COVID-19– A new era of cooperation between the Kosovo National Institute of Public Health and EULEX’s Medical Unit

09 February 2021

The EU Rule of Law Mission connects with students from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow

12 January 2021

EULEX Head of Human Resources, Anita Janassary, speaks at interview coaching training

08 January 2021

Women Empowerment Talks – “Mental health of victims of violence against women and children witnessing violence“

06 January 2021