2023 News


EULEX’s Reserve Formed Police Unit Reinforced by 5 French Gendarmes

19 December 2023

Cycling Kosovo for Children 2023: EULEX joins the handover of the donation to the Regional Hospital in Ferizaj/Uroševac

18 December 2023

EULEX Marks the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

10 December 2023

UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls! EULEX’S 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign

06 December 2023

EULEX participates in the Kosovo Judicial Council’s “Days of Judiciary”

01 December 2023

EULEX Organizes its 14th Blood Donation Campaign in Support of the National Blood Transfusion Centre

30 November 2023

Head of EULEX Hosts UK Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for the Western Balkans

30 November 2023

EULEX FPU rescues a family of three from their vehicle

26 November 2023

EULEX Organizes the Second Career Development Workshop in Cooperation with the University of Pristina

24 November 2023

Danish National Police delegation visits EULEX

23 November 2023

EULEX and KFOR Conduct the Second Joint Exercise “Golden Sabre” 2023

22 November 2023

Head of EULEX Joins the First Annual Review Conference under the new CSDP Compact

16 November 2023

EULEX’s Forensic Anthropologist and Acting Head of the Forensic Medicine Team interview for TV Dukagjini

11 November 2023

Call to Apply to the Second Edition of Career Development Workshop

10 November 2023

EULEX Honors Memory and Sacrifice of Victims of Flights 3275 Plane Crash

09 November 2023

EULEX Experts Participate as Trainers in a Specialized Training Program on War Crimes

02 November 2023

EULEX Donates Educational Materials to the Faculty of Law of the University of Pristina

17 October 2023

EULEX Hosts High-level Delegation of the European Gendarmerie Force

10 October 2023

Statement of EULEX’s Head of Mission, Giovanni Pietro Barbano, on the attack against the Kosovo Police

24 September 2023

EULEX Hosts a Delegation from the Swedish Prison and Probation Service

19 September 2023

Honoring Audrius Šenavičius on the 10th Anniversary of his Death

19 September 2023

EULEX reinforces its Reserve Formed Police Unit with 20 Lithuanian Gendarmes

18 September 2023

Clarification on EULEX’s mandate

12 September 2023

EULEX donation to the “Naim Frashëri” elementary school in Podujevë/Podujevo

31 August 2023

Questions and Answers with IFM and EULEX on the Work to Identify Missing Persons

30 August 2023

Statement of the Head of Mission of EULEX Kosovo

17 August 2023

EULEX’s Correctional Unit Trains Cadets Correctional Officer on Prevention of Radicalization among Offenders

17 August 2023

EULEX’s Lectures at International Summer Academies in Kosovo

11 August 2023

EULEX’s 13th Annual Blood Donation Campaign to Support the National Blood Transfusion Centre

09 August 2023

EULEX Donation to the Institute of Forensic Medicine Helps Increase Safety and Prevent Biological Contamination

08 August 2023

Interviews of Head of Mission with Klan Kosova and Euronews Serbia

03 August 2023

EULEX Supports the Kosovo Probation Service’s Awareness Raising Campaign

31 July 2023

Statement of the Head of Mission of EULEX, Giovanni Pietro Barbano on Twitter

25 July 2023

EULEX Human Rights Advisor participates in a discussion on the book: “Hijacked Childhoods - Accounts of Children’s Wartime Experience”

06 July 2023

EULEX hosts a NATO delegation led by NATO Assistant Secretary General for Operations, Tom Goffus

06 July 2023

EULEX hosted a group of students from the University of North Carolina

05 July 2023

Interview of Head of EULEX with Albanian Post

25 June 2023

EULEX hosts students from the Amsterdam University College

16 June 2023

EULEX proudly supports the 9th edition of Cycle Kosovo for Children

15 June 2023

Eleven Gendarmes of EULEX’s Reserve Formed Police Unit Redeploy to their Home Countries

14 June 2023

EULEX Head participated in KFOR-organized Domestic Violence Forum

14 June 2023

New Head of Mission appointed for EULEX Kosovo

13 June 2023

Kosovo President Honors the Head of EULEX with the Presidential Medal for Rule of Law

09 June 2023

Bidding Farewell to the Head of Mission of EULEX, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark

09 June 2023

Your data is your identity, protect it!

09 June 2023

EULEX and the Kosovo Law Institute present the Third Report on Monitoring Court Hearings by Citizens

08 June 2023

Searching for the missing: Deputy Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Javier Naranjo Santana, interviewed by Al Jazeera

08 June 2023

EULEX Head gave an interview to Associated Press

08 June 2023

Justice in the Eyes of Citizens

08 June 2023

EULEX Supports Judicial Transparency: Panel Discussion on Enhancing the Courts’ Communication with the Public and the Media

05 June 2023

Members of EULEX’s Formed Police Unit Awarded with the CSDP Service Medal

31 May 2023

EEAS Deputy Secretary General for Peace, Security and Defence concludes visit to Kosovo

31 May 2023

EULEX and Youth Initiative for Human Rights-Kosovo empower elementary school students through human rights and rule-of-law lectures

30 May 2023

Interviews of Head of Mission with ABC News Albania and SVT

29 May 2023

EULEX Head of Mission’s interview with Deutsche Welle on the security situation in northern Kosovo

27 May 2023

EULEX and IFM train Kosovo Police officers and IFM staff in how to protect themselves and how to protect forensic evidence

26 May 2023

EULEX Head and Kosovo Minister of Justice Visit the “Center for Protection of Women and Children - My Home” in Ferizaj/Uroševac

26 May 2023

Statement on the attack on EULEX on 26 May

26 May 2023

Kosovo: Statement by the Spokesperson on the latest tensions and clashes

26 May 2023

Raising awareness of the work of rule of law institutions through insightful feature stories

24 May 2023

EULEX supports a study visit for elementary school students to the Basic Court of Pristina

19 May 2023

EULEX completes a training on the implementation of the Protocol for the Treatment of Sexual Violence Cases

19 May 2023

The application of conditional release in Kosovo: EULEX launches its monitoring report

18 May 2023

The Application of Conditional Release in Kosovo: Findings and Recommendations

18 May 2023

Head of Press and Public Information Office discusses the importance of communication in conflict prevention and conflict de-escalation

17 May 2023

EULEX organizes two workshops for KCS female staff

17 May 2023

“Everyone has the basic right to live their lives as they wish and no one is immune to violence” – On International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, Lieutenant Colonel Zylfije Dema leads us through the achievements and challenges in the fight against discrimination.

17 May 2023

Head of Press and Public Information Office speaks about judicial communication at a CEELI-organized conference

15 May 2023

NGO Center for Innovation and Development publishes a reportage on EULEX’s recommendations aimed at improving Kosovo’s justice system

10 May 2023

EULEX contributes to making greener schoolyards in Obiliq/Obilić

04 May 2023

EULEX supports the Kosovo Correctional Service in Peer Support Counseling and in the review of its Strategy

04 May 2023

Missing persons’ families have the right to know the truth

27 April 2023

EULEX hosts a group of police officers from Germany

26 April 2023

EULEX and KFOR conduct the Joint Exercise “Golden Sabre” 2023

14 April 2023

EULEX supports Kosovo rule-of-law institutions in handling cases of child abuse and sexual abuse through a victim-centered approach

06 April 2023

EULEX and the Academy of Justice Co-organize a Workshop on the Application of Diversion Measures

28 March 2023

EULEX presents the work of its Correctional Unit to representatives of EU Member States' diplomatic representations in Kosovo visiting the High Security Prison in Podujevë/Podujeva

16 March 2023

EULEX, the Kosovo Information and Privacy Agency and the Academy of Justice organize a workshop on the Law on Access to Public Documents

15 March 2023

EULEX and NGO Center for Innovation and Development support transparency in judicial reporting through the production of a series of reportages on rule-of-law issues

11 March 2023

Leading the Way in Personal Data Protection and Access to Public Documents – Introducing the Information and Privacy Agency’s Commissioner, Krenare Sogojeva-Dërmaku

08 March 2023

EULEX and Assist Kosovo empower Kosovo’s youth to become agents of change against gender-based violence

03 March 2023

EULEX, the Kosovo Information and Privacy Agency and the Academy of Justice organize a workshop on the Law on Data Protection for rule-of-law institutions

21 February 2023

Head of EULEX gives an interview to Irish RTÉ on the security situation in northern Kosovo

17 February 2023

On Lithuanian State Restoration Day, the Ministry of Interior of Lithuania Honors EULEX Staff with the Medal for Impeccable Service

16 February 2023

Swedish and Dutch delegations visit northern Kosovo

15 February 2023

EULEX hosts delegation from the Foreign Press Association in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

10 February 2023

EULEX donates IT equipment to the Agency for the Administration of Sequestrated or Confiscated Assets

10 February 2023

EULEX and the Academy of Justice Organize a Joint Roundtable for Prosecutors and Judges on the Harmonization of the Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code with the Juvenile Justice Code

07 February 2023

EULEX Head of Mission Visits Mitrovica Region

07 February 2023

EULEX Head’s Interview with Associated Press on the latest crisis in northern Kosovo

06 February 2023

EULEX supports a training for civic education teachers on how to explain human rights and rule-of-law to children

06 February 2023

EULEX supports Kosovo Police’s recruitment campaign to attract candidates from non-majority communities

03 February 2023

EULEX hosts a group of Blue Book Trainees of DG NEAR

30 January 2023

EULEX Spokesperson’s interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano on the Mission’s work to determine the fate of missing persons

26 January 2023

EULEX welcomes Master students from the Global Campus of Human Rights

24 January 2023

EULEX and the Kosovo Law Institute begin the third phase of training of lay monitors

24 January 2023

EULEX Supports a Training in Communication and Conflict Resolution for Women Officers in the Kosovo Correctional Service

20 January 2023

EULEX Transfers the Task of Providing Operational Support to the EU-facilitated Dialogue

17 January 2023

EULEX and Youth Initiative for Human Rights-Kosovo partner up to train law students on how to teach justice to children

13 January 2023

EULEX Joins the Handover of Medical Equipment Donated Thanks to the 2022 Cycle Kosovo for Children Fundraising Initiative

13 January 2023

EULEX Press and Public Information Office’s members attended the PPIO Seminar for CSDP Civilian Missions

11 January 2023