2020 News


Women Empowerment Talks – “Economic empowerment to address gender-based violence“

23 December 2020

“Kosovo health institutions need our help in these difficult times”– EULEX Head, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark on the donation to the Medical Center in Štrpce/Shtërpcë

22 December 2020


21 December 2020

EULEX Correctional Unit introduces alcohol and drug screening tools to the Kosovo Correctional Service

18 December 2020

Helicopter medical evacuation training

17 December 2020

Head of EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, in an exclusive interview for Klan Kosova TV

14 December 2020

EULEX’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign 2020

12 December 2020

Ensuring accountability is fundamental for the EU Rule of Law Mission: Learn more about the Human Rights Review Panel

10 December 2020

“Violence remains violence and it should not be tolerated. Report it!“ – Meet Sergeant Xhemile Behluli

10 December 2020

Women Empowerment Talks: “Access to justice for victims of violence against women: advancing the implementation of the Istanbul Convention“

08 December 2020

#EUinAction campaign on Common Security and Defence Policy missions and operations

07 December 2020

Women Empowerment Talks: “Role and sustainability of service providers for victims of gender-based violence: advancing the implementation of the Istanbul Convention“

04 December 2020

“Kosovo’s people should take a certain pride in the fact that Kosovo is not afraid to deal with its past”- The Head of the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, in an in-depth one-on-one interview with ABC News

03 December 2020

Donation of IT equipment and office furniture to the Centre for Social Work in Mitrovica South

30 November 2020

EU Rule of Law Mission Head visits the Mutivodë/Mutivode Common Crossing Point

30 November 2020

Women Empowerment Talks: “Women in the security institutions”

25 November 2020

From Finland and Sweden to Kosovo: Meet Alexander Fassihi, our Mission’s newest Justice Monitor

13 November 2020

Statement by the Heads of Mission of the EU and of Member States in Kosovo

06 November 2020

Message by the Head of the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo on the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists

02 November 2020

Against the odds – Ritva Vahakoski leads us through her rich career journey in the correctional service

30 October 2020

Setting the record straight: Head of EULEX Human Rights and Legal Office speaks for “Betimi për Drejtësi” about the Mission’s past work on war crimes

27 October 2020

With a wreath laying ceremony, EULEX’s Italian contingent commemorates flight 3275 plane crash victims

27 October 2020

EULEX Chief of Head of Mission’s Office delivers an Online Lecture on CSDP and its field missions

26 October 2020

EU Rule of Law Mission Justice Monitoring Report & Factsheet

19 October 2020

“There is no sustainable peace and security without women” - EULEX’s Gender Advisor speaks at the KFOR-organized conference on Women, Peace and Security in Kosovo

07 October 2020

Donation of IT and office equipment to the “Nexhmi Mustafa” elementary school in Besi

02 October 2020

We will never forget him: The EU Rule of Law Mission and the Kosovo Police honour the memory of Audrius Šenavičius

19 September 2020

Kosovo 2.0 podcast on missing persons

31 August 2020

Kosovo 2.0 interview with EULEX Head of Mission, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark

20 August 2020

Deutsche Welle interview with Tarja Formisto, Deputy Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine

10 August 2020

Building trust in the judicial system and enhancing realization of human rights through lay trial monitoring

03 August 2020

Head of the EU Rule of Law Mission and Justice Minister agree to intensify cooperation in the rule of law sphere

30 July 2020

Ambassador Apostolova’s comments on EULEX during an interview with KTV

24 July 2020

Polish Police Celebration Day marked by EULEX’s Formed Police Unit

24 July 2020

EULEX Security Expert delivers e-lecture on Critical Incident Management

22 July 2020

​Head of EULEX awards “CSDP Mission in Kosovo Service Medal” to Mission staff

14 July 2020

EULEX donates IT and office equipment to Iliria elementary school

02 July 2020

Medal Award Ceremony for the EULEX Formed Police Unit

10 June 2020

Head of EU Rule of Law Mission to Kosovo in a Video Lecture with students from University of North Carolina

01 June 2020

The EU Rule of Law Mission launches the “Speak Up on Time” media campaign

19 May 2020

“Phobias and hate have no place in any society,” says the Head of the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo on the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

17 May 2020

Associated Press story on Kosovo’s missing persons and EULEX’s work

15 May 2020

EULEX supports Pristina Municipality’s No-Child-Is-Left-Behind Initiative in Times of Coronavirus Pandemic

15 May 2020

Video lecture to students from Gjakovë/Đakovica by the Head of the EU Rule of Law Mission to Kosovo

14 May 2020

Deputy Head of Mission Cezary Luba’s interview for Polish publication “Policja 997”

07 May 2020

EULEX Formed Police Unit, Kosovo’s second security responder

15 April 2020

Message by the Head of EULEX on International Roma Day

08 April 2020

Message by the Head of EULEX on World Health Day

07 April 2020


25 March 2020

EULEX Head of Mission and Kosovo Chief Prosecutor discuss legislative reforms and progress achieved

18 March 2020

EULEX steps up preventive measures to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus

17 March 2020

Rule of law situation in Kosovo focus of meeting between Kosovo’s Prime Minister and EULEX Head

12 March 2020

EULEX donates IT equipment to the Civil Registration Agency

09 March 2020

EULEX Spokesperson speaks at the 2nd Thessaloniki Regional Forum

04 March 2020

EULEX trains Kosovo Correctional Service staff on prison security and safety risk assessment

03 March 2020

EULEX Head concludes two-day visit to Mitrovica and northern Kosovo

28 February 2020

EULEX Head hands over donation to Medical Center in Leposavić/Leposaviq to improve healthcare delivery

25 February 2020

EULEX blood donation campaign - A simple act can create smiles

24 February 2020

Head of EULEX meets with Chair of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

21 February 2020

EULEX Head discusses cooperation with Minister of Internal Affairs and Public Administration

21 February 2020

Meeting between the Head of EULEX and the Chair of the Kosovo Judicial Council

20 February 2020

EULEX Head meets Kosovo Correctional Service Director to discuss ongoing cooperation

20 February 2020

Head of EULEX meets the Minister of Justice to discuss cooperation in the rule of law in Kosovo

19 February 2020

EULEX charity event donation to Kosovo Red Cross

14 February 2020

Interview of EULEX Head of Mission, Wigemark, with Koha Ditore and

13 February 2020

EULEX Head Lars-Gunnar Wigemark holds introductory meeting with Kosovo Assembly Speaker Vjosa Osmani

12 February 2020

EULEX interns visit the Formed Police Unit

06 February 2020

EULEX delivers basic life support training course for Kosovo Correctional Service staff

05 February 2020

High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell concludes visit to Kosovo

31 January 2020

Meeting between the Head of EULEX and the KFOR Commander

31 January 2020

EULEX Head Wigemark holds introductory meeting with SRSG Tanin

31 January 2020

EU’s HRVP Borrell visits EULEX

30 January 2020

EULEX Deputy Head of Mission attends Multinational Specialized Unit change of command

30 January 2020

NATO Head of Operations and Missions meets with EULEX leadership

29 January 2020

EULEX's Formed Police Unit takes part in AERO-Medevac training course

28 January 2020

New Head of EULEX Kosovo Lars-Gunnar Wigemark meets President Thaçi

24 January 2020

Acting Head of EULEX meets with Belgian Head of Mission

22 January 2020

EULEX hosts visit from human rights master students

16 January 2020

EULEX connects with the Jagiellonian University

16 January 2020

EULEX’s Peer Support Training Programme

09 January 2020