2015 News


Road Safety Workshop

22 December 2015

Young activists visit EULEX

17 December 2015

Media and Communication Training for Kosovo Police

17 December 2015

Workshop on Investigations Techniques and Legal Issues

15 December 2015

EULEX DHoM Meets with Kosovo Police Regional Commanders North and South

10 December 2015

HR Federica Mogherini on Human Rights Day

10 December 2015

EULEX supports Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency

09 December 2015

EULEX supports the establishment of National Centre for Border Management

08 December 2015

EULEX Enhancing Kosovo Police Cooperation in Combating Illegal Logging

04 December 2015

EULEX participates in 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence

25 November 2015

Students from University of York Visit EULEX

25 November 2015

EULEX participates in 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence

25 November 2015

EULEX participates in 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.

25 November 2015

EULEX donates information technology equipment to Kosovo Police

23 November 2015

New officers to join Kosovo Correctional Services

13 November 2015

Kosovo Police Embracing Intelligence Led Policing

12 November 2015

Police and Prosecutor Responses to Domestic Violence in Kosovo

03 November 2015

EULEX Head of Mission visits the Constitutional Court

30 October 2015

German students visit EULEX

29 October 2015

OSCE Representatives visit EULEX

23 October 2015

EULEX donates computers to Kosovo Border Police

07 October 2015

EULEX Head of Mission Gabriele Meucci received U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo

25 September 2015

EULEX Sends Humanitarian Aid for Refugees and Migrants in Serbia

23 September 2015

EULEX Workshops on “Prisoner Assessment” for Kosovo Correctional Services

21 September 2015

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board presents the Compact Progress Report 2015

16 September 2015

Strategic Planning Workshop for Kosovo Correctional Services

04 September 2015

The Bahrain Rolex heist – a Landmark case for Kosovo legal institutions

01 September 2015

EULEX Head of Mission meets with Kosovo State Prosecutor

14 August 2015

EULEX donates equipment to Kosovo Police

06 August 2015

EULEX donates equipment to Kosovo Police

06 August 2015

Strengthening Community Policing in the North

28 July 2015

Roundtable discussion with women of the Kosovo Police

14 July 2015

Follow-up Workshop on Linking Civil Status Registration Systems

10 July 2015

Civil Registry Workshop organised by EULEX

08 July 2015

EULEX donates vehicles to Kosovo Customs

07 July 2015

Students from the University of North Carolina visit EULEX in Northern Mitrovica and Pristina

06 July 2015

High level visit from Brussels to EULEX

02 July 2015

US representatives visit EULEX

01 July 2015

Workshop on Inter-Ethnic Crime Gathers Civil Society, Kosovo Institutions, EULEX

30 June 2015

Street Art – for everyone

29 June 2015

EULEX presents to KP an Action Plan to implement the Intelligence Led Policing model

26 June 2015

EULEX Facilitates a Workshop on the Future Development of National Centre For Border Management (NCBM)

24 June 2015

EULEX donates fourteen vehicles to the Kosovo Judicial Council.

24 June 2015

EULEX Mock Trial allows law students to get court room practice

24 June 2015

Students from University of Essex Visit EULEX

19 June 2015

Advocacy Training Launches EULEX Cooperation with University Law Students in Mitrovica

17 June 2015

Site visits to new envisaged IBM Crossing Points

16 June 2015

Forensic Medicine Lecture at Medical College in Mitrovica

30 May 2015

Rule of Law and Judicial Process Seminar at IBCM in northern Mitrovica

29 May 2015

Workshop on Investigation and Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases

29 May 2015

EULEX Workshop on War Crimes

22 May 2015

NGO seminar on Rule of Law and the EU

21 May 2015

EU Day celebrated in Pristina

08 May 2015

Netherlands students visit EULEX

07 May 2015

Investigation Techniques Workshop Organised for Anti-Corruption Agency

07 May 2015

Admiral Ferguson visits EULEX

28 April 2015

EULEX’s Rorschach Test

24 April 2015

Right Skills to Recruit Good Prosecutors

23 April 2015

Student Visit to EULEX

16 April 2015

Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the report by Jean-Paul Jacqué on the EULEX Kosovo mandate implementation in case of recent allegations

14 April 2015

American students visit EULEX

10 April 2015

EULEX’s Ps and Qs

09 April 2015

EULEX donates medical equipment University Clinical Centre Pristina

03 April 2015

EU High Representative visits Kosovo

26 March 2015

Danish students visit EULEX

13 March 2015

Žbogar and Meucci presented facts to Krasniqi

13 March 2015

Gabriele Meucci visited the Basic Court of Mitrovica

10 March 2015

Gabriele Meucci visited the Basic Court of Mitrovicë/Mitrovica

10 March 2015

Empowering women - empowering society! UNMIK radio interviews EULEX women

08 March 2015

Kosovo Police: Protecting you, protecting Kosovo

27 February 2015

"Mens rea"

26 February 2015

Advocacy Training for Law students

24 February 2015

Terrorism trial starts at the Palace of Justice

17 February 2015

First trial in Palace of Justice

02 February 2015

Helping life where it begins

30 January 2015

The EU Family Meeting

22 January 2015

EU Office in Kosovo / EUSR and EULEX Joint New Year's Reception

21 January 2015

Why we're wrong about modern policing

19 January 2015

Students visit EULEX

14 January 2015

IBM Crossing Points: shorter queues, less smuggling, more revenue!

12 January 2015