2009 Vesti


A new tool in fighting financial crimes

22. decembar2009

EULEX enlists the support of civil society

16. decembar2009

EULEX experts discuss the issue of human trafficking

07. decembar2009

Programmatic Approach: Phase II begins!

07. decembar2009

Giffoni praises the work done in Mitrovicë/a District Court

17. novembar2009

Head of Mission offers condolences following the death of Patriarch Pavle

17. novembar2009

“Alone we can do nothing, together we can do a lot”

12. novembar2009

Admiral Mark P. Fitzgerald, Commander, Allied Joint Force Command in Naples visit to EULEX

10. novembar2009

The Importance of an Independent Judiciary

28. oktobar2009

“This is local ownership”

23. oktobar2009

EULEX to open a new office in North Mitrovica

15. oktobar2009

“We want to know more!”

12. oktobar2009

Professional work in Special Intervention Unit

12. oktobar2009

Special Prosecution Office presents its six monthly report

07. oktobar2009

The Name of the Game: Kosovo Police Local Ownership

10. septembar2009

EULEX Justice Component – ‘A successful beginning’

06. septembar2009

Kosovo and EULEX fully committed to good cooperation and partnership

20. avgust2009

200 criminal cases to be brought for trial

28. juli2009

“A mission that will be remembered”

14. juli2009

“Welcome back”

13. juli2009

“Exemplary conduct by EULEX Police and Customs Officers”

30. juni2009

Strengthening riot-control capabilities

17. juni2009

The outgoing Deputy Head of EULEX Police received the Medal of Merit

11. juni2009

EULEX tutors on “EU-teach-a-day”

10. juni2009

Alberto Perduca: "To heal the wounds of the past"

03. juni2009

The great debate in the north

22. maj2009

PSC visiting Kosovo and EULEX

06. maj2009

Head of EULEX Police Visits Kroi i Vitakut / Brdjani

04. maj2009

Improving Justice for Juveniles

29. april2009

Head of Mission statement on National Day of Missing Persons

27. april2009

Orthodox Easter Greeting from Yves de Kermabon

17. april2009

EULEX in good cooperation with local authorities

15. april2009

EU delegates visit Kosovo

08. april2009

EULEX fully operational

06. april2009

“This is about partnership”

25. mart2009

Kamenicë/a: an example of good relations between communities

24. mart2009