2010 Vesti


Kosovo Police is in charge

12. decembar2010

De Marnhac: Kosovo Police’s key role during elections

09. decembar2010

De Marnhac visits Gjilan/Gnjilane

09. novembar2010

De Marnhac emphasises the importance of the north of Kosovo

05. novembar2010

EU commitment to women, peace and security

04. novembar2010

Give and Let live

03. novembar2010

Give and Let live

03. novembar2010

EULEX Workshop on “The Programmatic Approach and civil society: achievements and challenges”

27. oktobar2010

EULEX meets US representatives

25. oktobar2010

New EULEX Head meets key partners

15. oktobar2010

Kosovo Prosecution signs an agreement with France

11. oktobar2010

Work started at Zhilivoda/Žilivoda

30. septembar2010

Yves de Kermabon co-chairs his last Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board

22. septembar2010

EULEX medal for wounded French Gendarme

21. septembar2010

de Kermabon: Senseless hooliganism will not be tolerated

13. septembar2010

Establishing a direct link

13. septembar2010

Andy Sparkes appointed as Deputy Head of EULEX

02. septembar2010

HOM receives new COMKFOR

02. septembar2010

Developing the local forensic capacities

18. avgust2010

EULEX and local authorities stepping up the pace

30. juli2010

New Head of EULEX Kosovo Mission appointed

27. juli2010

Grand Italian Finale

23. juli2010

Landmark report unveiled

23. juli2010

Reeve: Four steps to security and stability

16. juli2010

President of the European Council visits Kosovo

06. juli2010

Bulgarian visit to EULEX

01. juli2010

Progress Report: an x-ray to the system

30. juni2010

Outreach campaign in the north in full swing

25. juni2010

Agreement which improves the quality of justice

24. juni2010

Finding solutions together

18. juni2010

Geographical expansion calls for more police officers

16. juni2010

Beginning of transition

15. juni2010

EU Member States fully support EU’s activities in Kosovo

08. juni2010

Progress and challenges in the rule of law

04. juni2010

Software that brings in the money

31. maj2010

Senior EU Representative in Kosovo

26. maj2010

“There has been progress in Kosovo”

30. april2010

The Day of The Missing in Kosovo

27. april2010

De Kermabon received by new ministers

16. april2010

Visit highlights strengths and weaknesses

15. april2010

German delegation visits EULEX

13. april2010

“Training for the Front Line”

08. april2010

German Defence Minister visited EULEX

30. mart2010

Hosting and support to Romanians

30. mart2010

“A concrete sign of the EU’s presence in northern Kosovo"

26. mart2010

“EULEX members as family members”

25. mart2010

EULEX participates in training for Municipal Councils for Safety in Communities

24. mart2010

A model for good inter-ethnic relations

23. mart2010

Alpine hat goes public

23. mart2010

Working to improve Justice in Mitrovicë/a

19. mart2010

KCPSED a partner in building skills in police and customs, says de Kermabon

16. mart2010

Belgium Prime Minister visited EULEX

09. mart2010

“Practice Makes Perfect”

06. mart2010

Urgent pragmatic solutions to be found to improve the rule of law in the north of Kosovo

03. mart2010

Kosovo has a European future

03. februar2010

Finnish Foreign Minister visits

03. februar2010

Justice Fair

15. januar2010

Co-ordinating the Rule of Law

12. januar2010