2014 Vesti


Šef EULEX-a se sastao sa ključnim partnerima

23. decembar2014

Šef EULEX-a se sastao sa novim premijerom

22. decembar2014

Put KKIZ ka uspehu: Rešeno preko četrdeset hiljada predmeta

17. decembar2014

EULEX održao obuku o novim tehnikama za ranjive žrtve

12. decembar2014

One Person, One Record

02. decembar2014

Searching for the missing – a decade after!

21. novembar2014

Portuguese State Secretary for European Affairs visits EULEX

10. juli2014

EULEX Hosts Domestic Violence Seminar in North Mitrovica

09. juli2014

Head of Mission visit Rudnica

25. juni2014

EUPOL Afghanistan visited EULEX

25. juni2014

EULEX Head of Mission meets Mayors and representatives of civil society from northern Kosovo

20. juni2014

EULEX Kosovo to gradually transfer activities

13. juni2014

Compact Progress Report 2014

11. juni2014

NATO Special Representative visits EULEX

27. maj2014

Cycle Kosovo for Children - announcement

27. maj2014

 Arrest and search operation

23. maj2014

EULEX sends additional humanitarian aid to Serbia

20. maj2014

EULEX sends humanitarian aid to Serbia

18. maj2014

EULEX marks the International Day Against Homophobia

16. maj2014

German Minister of Defence visits EULEX

15. maj2014

 Detention on remand extended for O.I

26. april2014

 Attack on EULEX

25. april2014

 Indictment in Organised Crime case

25. april2014

Indictment in Violating Secrecy of Proceedings case

23. april2014

Arrest in northern Kosovo

11. april2014

Detention on remand for two municipality officials

07. april2014

EULEX donates vehicles to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine

01. april2014

Remains of 46 victims buried

26. mart2014

EULEX launches a "Simulated trial" for law students

26. mart2014

Prosecutors Statement

26. mart2014

Fighting gender based violence

25. mart2014

EULEX donates ambulances to Kosovo Health Institutions

25. mart2014

Deputy Head of Mission meets with the Chair of the Association of Women in Kosovo Police

20. mart2014

Detention on remand for three defendants

20. mart2014

Three arrested for migrant smuggling

18. mart2014

EULEX Head of Mission continues his regular visits throughout Kosovo

17. mart2014

Head of EULEX visits the Police Inspectorate

14. mart2014

Guilty verdict in Prizren

13. mart2014

EULEX Strongly Condemns Unlawful Release of a Detained Suspect

13. mart2014

Conviction in Organised Crime case

11. mart2014

EULEX hands over the last copies of civil registry books to Kosovo Authorities

06. mart2014

Verdict in "Kosovo 2.0" case

03. mart2014

Prosecution appeal in a war crimes case

27. februar2014

Security during elections ensured

27. februar2014

EULEX meets Slovenian Representatives

27. februar2014

The EU Family Meeting

20. februar2014

Indictment on organised crime and corruption

19. februar2014

Debate on Trafficking of Human Beings and Organised Crime held in North Mitrovica

19. februar2014

The verdict in Çyshk/Ćuška case

17. februar2014

Verdict in war crime case

13. februar2014

Kosovo and EULEX in joint effort to improve the asylum system

06. februar2014

SPRK arrests suspect in Lesak/Leshak

05. februar2014

One month detention for a suspect in war crime case

28. januar2014

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board meeting is held

22. januar2014

Trial in the "Land" case begins

21. januar2014

Copies of civil registry books handed over to the Kosovo Civil Registration Agency

20. januar2014

Statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on fatalities in
EUPOL Afghanistan following yesterday's attack in Kabul

18. januar2014

Indictment filed for organized crime

15. januar2014

Judicial institution, all in one place

15. januar2014