2013 Vesti


Head of EULEX, Berndt Borchardt interview with RTK

23. decembar2013

Armed robbery suspect extradited to Kosovo

09. decembar2013

Initial hearing related to a war crimes case held at Mitrovicë/a

27. novembar2013

Working together to strengthen local capacities

26. novembar2013

EULEX Head visits Tirana

22. novembar2013

The mutual effort for battling counterfeit medicines

13. novembar2013

Borchardt visits northern Mitrovica

01. novembar2013

The number of handed over civil registry books from EULEX to Civil Registry Agency of Kosovo is on the rise.

25. oktobar2013

Fighting Migrant Smuggling Together

23. oktobar2013

EULEX Head of Mission visits Prizren

09. oktobar2013

 Farewell Ceremony for Audrius Šenavičius at Pristina Airport

25. septembar2013

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board Meeting

24. septembar2013

Memorial Mass for Audrius Šenavičius

24. septembar2013

 EULEX commemorates the death of fallen colleague

20. septembar2013

Statement by Catherine Ashton High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy

19. septembar2013

EULEX donates vehicles to the Kosovo Police in the north

16. septembar2013

Five individuals arrested in Ferizaj/Uroševac

11. septembar2013

EULEX supports the Dialogue implementation in the area of Civil Registries - 808 Civil Registry Books handed over

03. septembar2013

Rule of Law 101 – with Kate Fearon

23. avgust2013

EULEX on war crime cases

22. avgust2013

Ten years of imprisonment for smuggling of migrants

22. avgust2013

Copies of Kamenicë/Kamenica and Viti/Vitina registry books handed over

12. avgust2013

EULEX and KFOR signed Joint Operational Procedure

22. juli2013

Borchardt: Kosovo to set the standard for the region

22. juli2013

EULEX reaches out to the citizens of Prizren

03. juli2013

EULEX Head of Mission in Forum 2015

02. juli2013

EU delegates visit Kosovo

28. juni2013

The fight against human trafficking

27. juni2013

Enhancing 'risk profiling' skills at the Pristina International Airport

18. juni2013

EULEX donates equipment to Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

13. juni2013

The EU Family Meeting

04. juni2013

The Head of EULEX Mission visits Shtërpcë/Štrpce

17. maj2013

Working together on improving Justice in Kosovo

16. maj2013

Head of EULEX Mission meets the Mufti of Kosovo

15. maj2013

EULEX marks EU Day

09. maj2013

EULEX Head visits Kosovo high school

07. maj2013

Haber visits Kosovo

02. maj2013

EULEX expert talks to students about visa liberalisation

25. april2013

Borchardt: Partnership is the way forward

18. april2013

Deputy Head of EULEX Mission meets the representatives from NATO

16. april2013

The watchdog function has to be shared

16. april2013

Head of EULEX Mission visits Kosovo Police in Mitrovica

11. april2013

Imprisonment and Rehabilitation

11. april2013

One ordinary day

10. april2013

Making a better justice system together

09. april2013

EULEX Head of Mission Tribute to the late President Ibrahim Rugova

27. mart2013

Borchardt: An important time for Kosovo to improve the rule of law

08. mart2013

Head of EULEX meets mayor of Mitrovicë/a

05. mart2013

Anti-Corruption Agency & EULEX launch TV spot about declaration of assets

01. mart2013

EULEX discusses war crimes with law students

19. februar2013

Head of EULEX Bernd Borchardt meets the President of Kosovo

11. februar2013

Head of EULEX Bernd Borchardt meets the Prime Minister of Kosovo

11. februar2013

Two persons in detention for illegal sale of weapons

05. februar2013

EULEX delivers Master Class on forensics to medical students

05. februar2013

EULEX and Kosovo Police fighting crime beyond borders

04. februar2013

New Head of Mission begins work

01. februar2013

EULEX donates vehicles to the Kosovo Institutions

24. januar2013

RTK broadcasts debate on missing persons

21. januar2013

New Head of Mission looks forward to challenges ahead

14. januar2013