2012 Vesti


EULEX campaigns to explain executive tasks

27. decembar2012

EULEX spot calls upon witnesses to come forward

27. decembar2012

Surprise day for children in Janjevo / Janjevë

21. decembar2012

Surprise day for children in Janjevo / Janjevë

21. decembar2012

Biography: Bernd Borchardt

04. decembar2012

EULEX campaigns with Kosovo’s rule of law institutions

27. novembar2012

Latest news: “Political interference in the judicial process is unacceptable” says Catherine Ashton’s Chief Spokesperson

27. novembar2012

De Marnhac and Žbogar visit Peja/Peć

22. novembar2012

The Head of EULEX visits Gates 1 and 31

21. novembar2012

TV debate about EULEX role to support judiciary

06. novembar2012

12th Anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security

31. oktobar2012

EULEX raises awareness about police misconduct

29. oktobar2012

EULEX gives 1.6 million euros worth of equipment back to rightful owners in Germany

23. oktobar2012

Sparkes visits ISPE College

23. oktobar2012

EULEX fully committed to determine the fate of the Missing

18. oktobar2012

EULEX Judges and Prosecutors in a “Mock trial” with Law Students

11. oktobar2012

EULEX judges and prosecutors support law students

24. septembar2012

Illegal wood-cutting - one of Kosovo’s most difficult rule of law issues

17. septembar2012

EU officials meet NGO representatives in the north

23. avgust2012

Haber visits Kosovo

14. avgust2012

EULEX donates vehicles Kosovo Judicial Council

10. juli2012

TV spot: report corruption!

10. juli2012

Investigations in the north – advances and difficulties

10. juli2012

De Marnhac: Happy to have the minister back in office

10. juli2012

De Marnhac: Happy to have the minister back in office

10. juli2012

EULEX in support of Anti-Corruption Agency

09. juli2012

EULEX Publishes the 2012 Programme Report

05. juli2012

EULEX bolsters police inspectorate

03. juli2012

Croatian delegation visits EULEX

26. juni2012

Family Associations and ICMP visit Zhilivodë/Žilivoda site

20. juni2012

‘EULEX is doing nothing’

12. juni2012

EULEX donates equipment to Department of Forensic Medicine

11. juni2012

EULEX opens its doors to students

11. juni2012

EULEX Mission extended until June 2014

06. juni2012

EULEX tours Kosovo in summer outreach

31. maj2012

Judge orders detention and house arrest in major organised crime case

31. maj2012

Continuing school outreach activities in Kosovo

25. maj2012

Anti-Corruption Council prioritises procurement fraud

25. maj2012

The Head of EULEX visits Visoki Dečani Monastery

22. maj2012

Rule of Law remains key challenge for Kosovo

15. maj2012

EULEX at EU open day in Brussels

12. maj2012

EULEX marks EU Day

09. maj2012

EULEX donates vehicles to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

04. maj2012

Lens on the Law – the winners!

02. maj2012

“Lens on the Law – the right and the wrong” – Winning photographs selected

19. april2012

Novotna: EULEX adds value to Kosovo prosecution

18. april2012

Andy Sparkes addresses Anti-Corruption Council

12. april2012

De Marnhac and Zbogar visit Gate 1 in the north

03. april2012

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board Meeting

03. april2012

EULEX continues outreach activities

29. mart2012

Head of Mission Communiqué

27. mart2012

EULEX donates vehicles to Kosovo institutions

21. mart2012

The EULEX Head of Mission meets Kosovo State Prosecutor

20. mart2012

Lens on the Law: EULEX launches photography contest

20. mart2012

EULEX Canine Unit intercepts drugs shipment at border

12. mart2012

EULEX experts meet students

08. mart2012

‘A stronger, leaner, more efficient EULEX’ – EU Civilian Operations Commander

07. mart2012

EULEX steps up outreach activities

02. mart2012

Justice in 1 minute!

24. februar2012

EULEX helps those in need

24. februar2012

Proving criminal intent

08. februar2012

EULEX reports mark progress of Kosovo Police

07. februar2012

Commited to Kosovo’s European future

06. februar2012

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board meeting

01. februar2012

EULEX welcomes two new top prosecutors

31. januar2012

EULEX cooperation around the world

30. januar2012

Peer to peer discussion approach to a more practical justice system

24. januar2012

"EULEX important for visa liberalisation process" says EU Commissioner

11. januar2012

Local forensic expertise built up by EULEX

11. januar2012