2011 Lajme


Civil registry – first book handed over

20 dhjetor2011

Heaton: EULEX for its part will continue to fight corruption

09 dhjetor2011

Identifying rule of law priorities for Kosovo in 2012

21 nëntor2011

De Marnhac visits Shtërpcë/Štrpce

17 nëntor2011

Minster Kuçi and EULEX Head of Justice Component Bonfigli visit Dubrava prison

04 nëntor2011

Xavier de Marnhac and Gilles Janvier praise the work of EULEX police and customs officers in northern Kosovo

27 tetor2011

EULEX Head of Mission: Freedom of Movement for the benefit of everyone

22 tetor2011

Bringing more consistency in sentencing practices in Kosovo

10 tetor2011

Six arrests and 14 searches in EULEX organised crime investigation

05 tetor2011

Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board meeting

28 shtator2011

EULEX statement on incident at Jarinjë / Jarinje

27 shtator2011

EULEX organizes roundtable on women and corruption

26 shtator2011

The Head of EULEX visits Gates 1 and 31

19 shtator2011

EULEX actions at the gates in northern Kosovo from 16 September

15 shtator2011

Prosecutors to apply confiscation laws more proactively

09 shtator2011

Interviewing witnesses: MMA in practice

24 gusht2011

Head of EULEX de Marnhac meets German Foreign Minister Westerwelle

11 gusht2011

Andy Sparkes visited Gates 1 and 31

08 gusht2011

'Dialogue is the way forward' – de Marnhac

30 korrik2011

Situation in the north

28 korrik2011

645 police officers trained in patrol management

19 korrik2011

Specialised workshops for prosecutors in Prizren

12 korrik2011

Campaign highlights progress in the fight against drugs

05 korrik2011

Special Prosecution publishes a statistical report

30 qershor2011

Confiscation of criminal assets – an effective way forward?

29 qershor2011

A new home for Kosovo’s Justice institutions - Foundation stone for the Palace of Justice

23 qershor2011

EULEX addresses “Youth for tomorrow” NGO exchange students

22 qershor2011

The Tisza River verdict – a landmark case

21 qershor2011

Head of Mission and Deputy Prime Minister at the Supreme Court

16 qershor2011

De Marnhac pays visit to Gjakovë/Djakova

14 qershor2011

EU Civilian Operations Commander visits Kosovo

13 qershor2011

The negative consequences of counterfeit goods

03 qershor2011

Advancing legislation – Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board meeting

31 maj2011

Key investments in Kosovo’s justice system - Annual report of EULEX Judges 2010 published

26 maj2011

Jose Manuel Barroso visits Kosovo

20 maj2011

Fresh winds blowing through Kosovo prosecution offices – EULEX Chief Prosecutor

18 maj2011

De Marnhac and Rexhepi visit Gate 3 at Merdar/Merdare

17 maj2011

Battling counterfeit goods: sound economics and protecting society

16 maj2011

Celebrating Europe Day – in Kosovo and Brussels

09 maj2011

De Marnhac visits Peja /Peć

05 maj2011

“Don’t close your eyes”

27 prill2011

“Progress Report is a priority” – de Marnhac

18 prill2011

Head of Mission meets Kosovo’s new President

15 prill2011

EULEX meets Turkish representatives

08 prill2011

DFM Exhumations in Pastesel/Pustoselo

07 prill2011

Advising to success in Graçanicë/Gračanica

24 mars2011

Head of Mission briefs European Parliament

15 mars2011

Time for Kosovo women to inherit property!

10 mars2011

EULEX supports Kosovo Customs on study tour

08 mars2011

Task Force Mitrovica in action

08 mars2011

Despite differences – the common future

04 mars2011

De Marnhac meets Pacolli

25 shkurt2011

Closer to Justice

09 shkurt2011

EU's commitment to northern Kosovo

04 shkurt2011